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How to use Pliip?

Easy as pie to pic up!

    Main features:
  • Capture and collect friendly moments through bright slightly slanted pics
  • Or just use good old pics from your camera roll and bring back memories
  • Tag your friends with circles
  • Customize each pic with one of the many made-with-love pins available
  • Localize your pics on a map
  • Choose a visibility level for each and every new pic, and control who’ll see!
  • Invite friends from Facebook, Twitter or directly from your contact list
  • Share your pics with friends and follow their own pics
  • "Like" pics and leave "Comments"
  • Tap okayed pics to contact your friends directly – it’s that simple!
  • Publish on Facebook and Twitter
  • Post links and navigate in-app
  • And after all… pliip yourself with anything (#) – it’s just fun!

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What do pliiple do?

They pic in touch!

Two pliiple on a pliip are real pic pals!
A friend becomes a pic pal as soon as
he okays a pliip with both of you in it;
it’s official :-)
This is sure: your pic pals are nothing
but your real friends in life!
Go out and hang out with them, before
it’s too late. Joy! Love!! Peace!!!

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Hey dude! How are you?
You look as proud as a peacock on this pliip :-)
Who’s the postman you're posing with?
Ha ha!
And d’ya think other post-office employees could be in the picture too?
Well, I’ve been pliiped at the post… office.
The postman is a friend of my future brother-in-law… and I felt like pliiping him ;) Actually, he has contacted me to plot something for the upcoming wedding…
Ha ha ha!
Have a drink? I call you now!